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Cheek Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Paula had a treatment with 1ml of volume and 3 areas of anti wrinkle treatments including under the eyes. Her treatment took about 10 minutes in total (including chatting time!) She came in for a review and to tell us how she got on. Watch this video to see what exactly happens in an anti wrinkle treatment. This treatment is considered a liquid facelift because of the technique used.

Have a look at the prices for liquid facelifts which are anything from 1-4mls of filler. Generally we use the vycross fillers (voluma, volift and volbella).

Lip Fillers and Lip Corrections

With Sarah as she already had great definition in her lips I used 1/2ml of Volbella by Juvederm. The treatment is virtually painless – first I use ice-packs to numb the lips before any injections. The Juvederm range contains Lidocaine which also numb the lips during and after the treatment. In total Lip Fillers take about 10 minutes or less!

Skin Treatment Testimonials

“I have been getting treatment for over 5 years now and always with the same doctor. I have a freshness to my face and has eliminated the ridges on my forehead and lines around my eyes and mouth.”


“I was quite nervous having my lips done, I didn’t want to have the dreaded ‘trout pout’, but it was explained that that’s really only when you get lots and lots of filler. I haven’t had any side effects, just lovely lips!”


“Great results from treatment in a short time and worth the minor discomfort. I love my lips with softened lines giving me a younger look”


“I have had treatments four times at Amara. Initially I was surprised at how quickly it worked. Within a couple of days I could see a real difference and after the two weeks I was very pleased with the results. I wanted a natural look and that’s what I got. People complimented me on how well I looked but it was not evident that I had ‘work done’.”


“I used to spend a fortune on creams, lotions and potions, (and I still do!), but injectable treatments really work beyond any shadow of a doubt. I love the subtlety of my treatments, and I’m glad I can be treated without having an obvious ‘Dr Spock’ or ‘Frozen Look’.”


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