Can you go back to work after anti-wrinkle injections?

One of the most common questions I’m asked in my clinic every day by new patients is can I go back to work after Botox.

I am always reluctant to answer this common Botox question. Reason being, most people can relax as they won’t get a bruise however because it is small percentage of people who will get a bruise I prefer that everyone comes in expecting to be bruised. That way, nobody is disappointed if they do get a bruise, in fact everyone with a few exceptions is delighted because the bruise they expected never showed up.

For years now, the busiest time to make appointment in my clinic has been at lunchtime. In fact, lunchtime has often been booked weeks if not months in advance to to the demand for these convenient appointment slot.

Everyone who knows how trouble-free Botox is prefers to come in for the beginning of their lunch break grab a sandwich afterwards and head back to work. Most people will apply a little bit of make up before heading back into the office. With the COVID-19 everyone is to some extent less exposed to other people be it because of a mask or because of working at home. That means people are less worried than ever about going back to work immediately afterwards.

Dr Paul explains going back to work after Botox treatment

By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
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