Excessive Sweat Treatments

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Excessive Sweat Treatments


Excessive Sweat Treatments

Excessive Sweat Treatments under the arms otherwise known as Axilliary hyperhidrosis can be a big problem for some men and women. This can cause embarassment, limit clothing choices and contribute to body odour.

Our excessive sweat treatments is a quick treatment for axilliary hyperhidrosis and can be done in about 5 minutes. It works by weakening the muscles that deliver sweat to the surface of the skin and thereby reducing the amount of sweat on the skin surface.

Does axilliary hyperhidrosis make me sweat elsewhere instead?

Some people can experience mild compensatory sweating but for most people this is not as bad as the original sweating

How long does your Excessive Sweat Treatment (axilliary hyperhidrosis) last?

Treatment lasts for an average of 4 months but can last up to 6 months. Often treatment is done before a wedding or big event to ensure no sweating.

Is Your Excessive Sweat Treatment dangerous?

Theoretically, injecting to solve hyperhidrosis can cause weakening of muscles not intended to be weakened by distant spread. However there is no evidence to date of a confirmed case of this.

By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
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