Silhouette Thread Lift from Silhouette Soft - Amara Clinics Dublin

Silhouette Thread Lift from Silhouette Soft

Introducing the Silhouette effect!Silhouette Soft is a simple and safe procedure that produces an instant rejuvenation with a long lasting effect. Gillian Taylforth (Cathy from Eastenders!) has become the face of this treatment as she was so happy with the results! Read below to...

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Liquid Facelifts - What Are They

Liquid Facelifts – What Are They?

A liquid facelift may sound scary and make people envision an operating table and bandages - but what if you could have a non-surgical facelift? Using Botox, Juvederm filler and a special 8 point technique you can have a liquid facelift!What Is A Liquid...

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Anti Wrinkle Prices in Dublin

There seems to be a lot of confusion of why one Aesthetic clinic in Dublin may have different Anti Wrinkle Injection prices compared to another. Surely it's all the same? But it's not. There is a danger with many cheaper products and in the majority...

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Lip Fillers Real Before and After Photos

Lip Fillers – Real Before & After Photos

As lip fillers are becoming more and more popular I thought I’d show you show you different types of lip fillers that I have done recently!  Why Do People Get Lip Fillers?People get lip fillers for many different reasons such as uneven lips, crooked...

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter - Amara Skincare Dublin

Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Winter!

During the winter months in Ireland the weather throws everything at us and our skin! We can go from sun to snow in a day and our skin is paying the price!Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter We know what the weather is...

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