Lip Fillers Real Before and After Photos

Lip Fillers – Real Before & After Photos

As lip fillers are becoming more and more popular I thought I’d show you show you different types of lip fillers that I have done recently!  Why Do People Get Lip Fillers?People get lip fillers for many different reasons such as uneven lips, crooked...

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Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter - Amara Skincare Dublin

Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Winter!

During the winter months in Ireland the weather throws everything at us and our skin! We can go from sun to snow in a day and our skin is paying the price!Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter We know what the weather is...

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What's causing your acne - Acne treatments

What’s Causing Your Acne?

Your face tells the story of your life but what story is your acne telling? And, is it possible to figure out the cause of acne from where it is on your face?Most of the time your acne is caused by a build of oil...

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The Vampire Facial: Behind The Fangs [Video]

Vampires are still in (I think) but it’s not just Tweens that are obsessed with the blood suckers! The Vampire Facial is a treatment that uses your own blood as a rejuvenation treatment. Thanks to celebrities many people picture the treatment as a mess of...

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Aesthetic & Cosmetic Survey Ireland

The Aesthetic and Cosmetic industry can be a controversial topic for many people. However is Ireland becoming more open towards treatments as a whole and are we able to talk about it? We aim to find out! Aesthetic & Cosmetic Survey Ireland We want to find out...

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Do You Have Smart Phone Face - Amara Skin Care

Do You Have ‘Smart Phone Face’?

We’re addicted to our smart phones and taking selfies, so much so that the phrase 'smart phone face' has been coined but are smart phones ageing our face?! The Signs of Smart Phone Face Do you complain of headaches and a sore neck? You could have smart...

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History of Cheek Fillers and contouring

The History of Cheek Fillers & Contouring

Contouring may seem like it suddenly appeared from nowhere in 2010 when Kim Kardashian shared that photo! That photo started a phenomenon that would change the everyday makeup routines of those of us who were not celebrities or were not makeup artists. We could attempt...

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Botox - what age should I start botox

Botox: What Age Should I Start?

Does "You’re far too young for all of that" or "That’s not for young ones like you" sound familiar to you?People who are interested in Botox are usually told by those around them that they are too young and that Botox is only for those...

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Vampire Facial - PRP Treatment Fact File

Vampire Facial – The PRP Therapy Fact File

Made famous by Kim Kardashian PRP therapy or the vampire facial as it's commonly referred to is becoming more and more popular in Dublin! However is what you’ve seen on TV true? - probably not. Let's find out all about the the vampire facial PRP...

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