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Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal Dublin

Exfoliates, softens and conditions hands For a dramatic and immediate improvement in the appearance of your hands, Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal one is everyone’s favourite. Gently scrub away rough, dull skin and keep your hands feeling ultra-rich. With retinol, shea butter and sugar crystals this one not only works–it works wonders. All it takes is […]

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Botox Dublin Cost

Botox Dublin Cost At Amara Aesthetics, we charge: 1 area 119 See more on our deals page  

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Lip Augmentation, Lip Filler Treatment, Dublin, Ireland

At Amara Aesthetics, we are masters of Lip filler treatments and lip augmentation in Dublin. We offer a variety of lip filler treatments using Juvederm and Juvederm Volbella for lip plumping. We also offer Restylane lip fillers on request. Lip plumping treatment prices start at €199 and go up to €450 depending on how much […]

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Botox Dublin, anti-wrinkle injections in Dublin, Ireland

Botox Dublin 2 At Amara Aesthetics, we provide Botox injections, otherwise known as anti-wrinkle injections. Treatments are performed by Dr Paul Munsanje who has been performing treatments in Dublin since 2007 and has performed over 6000 treatments to date. Botox can be used for smile lines, worry lines and frown lines. Treatment takes about 5 […]

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Courtney Thorne Smith – “I’ve used it, I like it, it works well for me. That’s just the simple truth.”

Courtney Thorne Smith talks candidly about her use of the wonder drug. “It’s never been a secret in my personal life – I’ve just never been asked by the press,” says 44 year old Thorne-Smith. “I’ve used it, I like it, it works well for me. That’s just the simple truth.” Courtney says she used […]

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Michelle Pfeiffer admits she is all for Anti wrinkle

Michelle Pfeiffer admits she is all for Anti wrinkle treatment in a recent interview with Elle Magazine. She is quoted as saying “I’m all for a little something here and there. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Anti wrinkle treatment” She does offer a […]

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Boost for eyelashes

The countless hours ladies have to spend applying mascara apparently are about to become a thing of the past.  That’s if Anti wrinkle treatment Ireland makers Allergan are correct in their claims for new product Lattisse. But this anti wrinkle treatment follow up product was found by accident. The medication is said to have been […]

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Why the pillow face, Madonna?

Poor Madonna. The 53-year-old star once made headlines for her raunchy dance routines and high-fashion outfits. But she – and a growing number of women like her – was at the centre of a rather different and more serious debate last week. Or rather, her face was. At this year’s British Association of Aesthetic Plastic […]

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Facts About Fillers Instead of Surgery

Dermal fillers are the solution for most women who want to combat the signs of aging, says dermatologist Dr. Tony Nakhla. Injected fillers remove, correct or even reverse the skin deterioration – which is thousands of dollars cheaper than plastic surgery. “Don’t try to dial the clock back 15 or 20 years,” he says. “You […]

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Which side do you sleep on? Can you tell?

Liz Jones has revealed all the information about the plastic surgery she has had, and this week she explained about her new addiction to fillers. In her column, she recognises that it is easy for people to become fixated about getting plastic surgery, as her own actions are mimicking this. The 53 year old also […]

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