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More people opt for cosmetic fillers

Almost five years ago, Kris Keller, owner of The Design Source, an architectural interior design business based in Ballwin, wanted to punch Father Time in the nose. Looking her best for a business based on creating good looks signals good vibes to clients, she said. But more importantly, it helps the person in her mirror. […]

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Three good reasons to have: lip contour and blending semi permanent makeup

1. Your lips are doing a disappearing act – are you over the age of 40 and noticing things are turning in or dropping down? Lips, and the skin around them, age fast because your mouth is always moving. Depending on your genes (which, as with a receding hairline and greying hair, is the main […]

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Migraine Sufferers Find toxin Good Not Just For Wrinkles

Christine Profita Orok has suffered from debilitating migraine headaches since she was a child. She tried everything from acupuncture to narcotic pain pills but nothing worked — until she started getting Anti wrinkle treatment and nerve block treatments. “I was having attacks quite frequently, to the point where I was having five or six severe […]

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Blepharoplasty – Non surgical options (fillers)

Recent advances have given rise to new blepharoplasty techniques, some of which can benefit patients without the need for surgery. Filler and other rejuvenation options can achieve comparable cosmetic outcomes without the risks inherent in more invasive procedures. “Much of blepharoplasty success essentially revolves around choosing the right operation or procedure for the right patient. […]

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Dermal Filler Overview

Our friends over at Simply Anti-Aging have written a great piece about dermal fillers and the rise of their use and range of uses over the past number of years. They say: “Wrinkle removal and facial contouring with a dermal filler has become the must have alternative to a face lift for many women.”  They […]

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Kim Kardashian Denies having Cosmetic Surgery

Kim Kardashian tried Anti wrinkle treatment last year upon turning 30 years old—fans watched the Drama unfold on her family’s reality TV series, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.  However, Kim developed mild bruising from the treatment and now says she is no longer going to try Anti wrinkle treatment. Fair enough, but Kim also insists […]

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