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Micro Needling : The Roller Vs The Derma Pen

Microneedling stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin by creating a ‘controlled damage’ and encourage your skin to heal itself.  This improves skin tone and texture, treating a variety of skin conditions. What is Medical Microneedling? Microneedling is becoming one of the most popular Skin Treatments available! And it’s not hard to see […]

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5 Ways To Clear Your Spots

Spots are a pain. Don’t let them ruin your day! We all get spots, some more than others how we deal with them is key. Heres 5 ways to help get rid of that pesky spot when it starts.   What causes your spots?   Everyone gets spots, but knowing your triggers can really help […]

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What Are Acids Doing To My Skin?

When we think of acid we think of things that burn, so why on earth do we want them in our skincare? Depending on our skin we may react badly to some acids   What Are Skin Acids? The most common type of skin acids are AHA’s or BHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Beta […]

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When Is It Too Late To Start My Wedding Skin Prep?

When is it too late to start your wedding prep? It’s never too early but could leaving it too late leave you with bad skin on your big day?   When Is The Best Time To Start My Wedding Skin Prep?   Ideally, you should always be looking after your skin, but we know it doesn’t […]

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How Botox Works

Even though Botox has been around for decades there is still a certain mystery or disbelief when it comes to this ‘magic potion’.   Though this is such as widely used solution people still believe false truths that can potentially lead to dangerous situations.  To clear things up we’ve put together a list of Botox […]

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Our 6 Essential Skin Tips For Brides

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without worrying about your skin. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and though many brides create a workout/ body plan many of them neglect their skin. Here are our top tips for brides before your big day.   Start early   There is no such thing as too […]

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Is Your Coconut Oil Addiction Causing Your Breakouts?

Coconut Oil is still having a moment! From Dandruff to weight loss it’s being hailed as the miracle cure – A quick search on Pinterest of ‘Coconut Oil’ and the suggestion list explodes!-  Acne, Weight Loss, Lashes, teeth whitening, oil pulling, for dogs, deodorant, detox, moisturiser, and it goes on and on! Can it be […]

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Micro Needling FAQ

Microneedling and PRP are continuously gaining popularity as we see more amazing results. As with any aesthetic treatment its best to clear up confusion as to what it actually is.   What is Micro-Needling?   Micro Needling is used to help encourage our collagen to renew itself! By controlling a disturbance in the skin with […]

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CoolSculpting Versus Lipo: Which Is For Me?

If you’ve become accustomed to wearing Spanx, waist trainers or camo underwear chances are you’ve thought about Liposuction once or twice.  CoolSculpting® is the world’s number 1 body sculpting treatment and is likened to wearing sculpting underwear without the effort and much more effective. So which should you choose Lipo or Coolsculpting?   What’s the […]

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5 Skin Care Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There’s a lot of beauty and skin advice out there! Some good and some not so good! Let’s take a look at some of the skin care myths that could be doing you more damage than good!   The Sun Clears Up Spots   The sun is bad for unprotected skin, there’s no doubt about […]

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