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Botox™: The Most Wanted Questions

Botox™ has become a household name as more and more people are getting it. However many people are still clueless about the truths about Botox™.  Heres some of our most asked questions from our first-time patients!   What Does Botox™ Do? This may seem like an obvious question but many people confuse Botox™ for Fillers. […]

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Can I Stop My Hair From Thinning?

As a woman, there’s not much advice out there for thinning hair! Many women may find their hair thinning more as they age as well as shedding hair particularly as hormones fluctuate. Typically hair loss has been targeted towards men, with shampoos, supplements and transplants. However suitable for both men and women  PRP for Hair […]

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Beginners Guide To Botox: What You Need To Know

Everyone who gets Botox had to start at one point. It’s important to remain safe and in the know, before you receive any treatment. Heres our beginner Botox safety guide to help you decide what and where you want to get to your treatment.   What Is Botox? Obviously, if you have decided you want […]

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Panda eyes, Dark circles, tired eyes, no matter what you call them you’re likely to suffer with them at some stage of your life! From cucumber slices to potato there are plenty of homemade cures that people swear by! Let’s take a look at what actually works for your dark circles!   What Causes Dark […]

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You’re Washing Your Face Wrong. There I Said It!.

You’re Washing Your Face Wrong. There I Said IT!   It’s hard to believe with the number of cleansing cloths and facial brushes on offer that we are still incorrectly washing our faces causing breakouts and early ageing! The fact that face washing tools have become so popular just shows how we’re struggling! There is […]

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Your Winter Skin Package

With the changing weather, it’s very easy for our skin to get dry dehydrated and breakout. Wind, indoor heating and dry air can severely wreak havoc with your skin if you have combination skin already then this is the last thing you need!   See how we can combat winter skin!   By far most […]

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Can A Facial Really Cure Acne? Special Offer

Acne is something the majority of us will suffer in our lifetime! Mainly thought of as a teenagers issue is simply not the case. Many of us turn to facials or at home creams to help but can a facial really cure acne?   What Causes Acne?   Acne and spots are caused by bacteria […]

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How To Treat Acne Scars

What is Acne Scarring? Acne scars most typically come from not treating acne or spots correctly. We develop scars as our skin tries to repair a wound that comes from irritating acne or spots (i.e. picking). Our skin heals the wound by replacing it with scar tissue. Scars can look very different and have different […]

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Who, What, Where: Your Guide to Safe Botox

Like anything in the cosmetic industry, there are different views on what is safe and what we should do. Whatever decision we make about our own body is our own, we just need to make sure we do it safely and smartly! Here’s our guide to what questions to ask before your first Botox Treatment […]

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Why You Should Be Using Retinol Now

Retinol has become the gold standard of skin care, but many of us are afraid to add it What Is Retinol?   Retinol is the technical name for Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is essential to help maintain the integrity of the skin however only in a topical version rather than a supplement.   What does […]

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