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Botox : Back To Basics

Botox has now been approved for use for 15 years! To celebrate this birthday and how far this miracle solution has come let’s take a look at how far its come!   When Was Botox Invented? In the 1800’s there were many cases of food poisoning due to the bad condition that meats and foods […]

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How Can I Have A Brow Lift?

If you google brow lift likely you’ll get some scary images of surgeries and people lifting back your forehead! However there are other ways to get that fresher look!   What is a Brow Lift ?   A Brow Lift was traditionally done with surgery! However newer surgeries and simpler methods have been introduced! A […]

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Is Your Skin Care Causing Your Acne?

Everything that is going into your body shows on your face – so everything that’s going onto your face definitely shows! Though you may think you’re routine is perfect could it actually be making you break out?   What’s in your Skin Care?   Check the back of your skin care bottles? Where did you […]

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How Dangerous Are Homemade Facials?

What’s the harm in using natural Homemade masks or skin treatments? Well potentially a lot! Using ingredients that are typically found in the cupboard may seem harmless – but if these miracle masks worked wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Whats the danger with homemade masks?   Charcoal Peel Off Masks   These charcoal masks are […]

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LED Light Treatment: What Is It?

Recently you may have seen an increase in celebrities wearing white masks that look straight out of a horror film! These are actually LED light masks which work as a skin treatment – but are LED lights good for your skin?   What are LED Lights?   Like most good things the anti ageing effect […]

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Do You Have Rosacea? Stop hiding it and change it!

What is Rosacea? The majority of people who have Rosacea don’t know they have it! They may think its Acne or simply ‘Irish Skin’. By knowing the symptoms of Rosacea we can maintain our skin and help our Rosacea rather than just hiding it!     Common Symptoms of Rosacea: Flushing Skin Probably the most […]

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Non Surgical Nose Jobs : How Do They Work?

  Everyone has that something that they’re concerned about  – usually it’s only something we care about. For many men and women this is the shape of their nose, now we can alter our nose without drastic surgery or Rhinoplasty.   How Do Nose Jobs Work Without Surgery?   I’ll be honest for a massive […]

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How Can I Tighten My Jaw Line?

That little pocket of fat right beneath our chins –  what a joy in photos!! Many of us spend the majority of our makeup desperately trying to conceal it with dark foundation and a contour palette. Now at Amara there is an easier way!   Why do I look like I have a double chin […]

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How Can I Remove My Eye Bags?

Eye Bags are something that can haunt us at any stage of life! However as we age there may be a point where a good night’s rest doesn’t vanquish them like it used to! Lets see how we can remove those eye bags for good!   What Causes Under Eye Bags and Circles ?   […]

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Injectables For Men: Whats The Difference?

When it comes to injectables and cosmetics men have a lot of questions about whether it’s ‘for them’ or not!  Yes more women than men get treatments but as men are becoming more comfortable this number is evening out! Let’s take a look at what’s becoming more popular with men! Skin Resurfacing Treatments Men are […]

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