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How Can I Stop My Cheeks From Sagging?

As we age it’s natural for our cheeks to start to sag.As they sag they can give us a jowly look that ages us. However we can combat this sag and reclaim our face! What are Nasolabial folds? Our Nasolabial folds are the two folds of skin that that run from each side of the […]

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Your Wedding Skin – Is it too early to start?

  Are you getting married in 2017? Have you started your skin prep yet? When are you planning to? When should you start your skin prep? It’s never too early to get healthy skin! The earlier better but optimally the latest you should leave it is 6 months. This is to give your skin time to treat […]

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How Do I Stop Dry Lips Quick?!

Many of us suffer from dry lips all year round but it seems to gets worse in the winter! Let’s take a look at how we can make our Lips nice and smooth for Christmas! Why do I Get Dry Lips In Winter? For many of us dry lips aren’t just for Christmas! However during the […]

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The 2 Minute Hybrid Facial| Perk™ Skincare

Introducing the Perk™ Facial now available in Ireland! Perk is the world’s first Hybrid Facial from the makers of the HydraFacialMD – Now Available at Amara   What is a Hybrid Facial?   The Perk™ Hybrid Facial merges an in clinic professional treatment with your own take home serum to continue your treatment for another 30 days! […]

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The Vampire Facial | Just how Scary is it?

Halloween is coming! What a perfect time to take a look at our PRP Treatment more commonly known as a Vampire facial or Dracula Therapy. What is the Vampire Facial? The PRP treatment works by taking the Plasma for your blood – Hence the name Vampire Facial. Your Platelet Rich Plasma  contains hundreds of growth […]

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Lip Fillers – How do we measure the Perfect Lip? | Video

Lip Fillers are always a hot topic! Watch how I analyse and measure the perfect Lip shape from one of my recent clients. How do I know if my Lips are the right size for my face? The perfect lip according to da Vinci is 1:1.6 meaning your bottom lip is point 6 bigger than […]

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The Perfect Pout: Why do we want Lip Fillers?

You might think the popularity of Lip Fillers and bigger Lips is a relatively new obsession however scientists first started injecting lips in the early 1900s to make them bigger!   What is the ‘Perfect Pout’   Though there is no such thing as perfect  a formula for the ideal lip was created by Leonardo […]

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Cosmetic Surgery – How did it all start?

People like to blame cosmetic surgery and body modification on modern day issues like Social Media and celebrity peer pressure, but cosmetic Surgery has been around for an awful long time! How did Cosmetic Surgery Start? 1213 BC   The first known surgery was actually performed on someone who was being buried! In 1213 BC […]

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Are your Bad Habits making your Acne worse?

Acne is one of the most under treated diseases in the world , when it comes to those who suffer with it it seems we will do everything we can to stop those annoying pimples! But are we actually making it worse?   What are your Bad Skin Habits?   Touching your Face   Our […]

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What Under Eye Treatments Work?

We all get dark circles from time to time- usually a side effect from not enough sleep! But what about when those bags under our eyes seem to never go?   What causes Dark Circles?   We can get those dark circles for a number of reasons :   Not enough sleep Scratching or rubbing […]

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