Three good reasons to have: lip contour and blending semi permanent makeup

1. Your lips are doing a disappearing act – are you over the age of 40 and noticing things are turning in or dropping down? Lips, and the skin around them, age fast because your mouth is always moving. Depending on your genes (which, as with a receding hairline and greying hair, is the main ageing for lips) they start to shrink and lose volume in the decade between your thirties and forties, accelerating after that, and loss of fullness in particular heaps years on a face. An imperfect lip-line and a cluster of fine lines around a mouth are two more reasons to consider treatment.

2. You are not convinced by cosmetic fillers – while the jury is out over whether cosmetic implants can successfully alter this state of affairs, improving contour and volume with semi-permanent makeup is becoming a popular option. Therapists do it by drawing temporary lines in first for your approval, then applying a numbing lotion to make treatment more comfortable before lining lips, just outside the vermillion border (the faint white line around your lips) with colour pigment, and blending and fading the colour into your upper and lower lip so there is no ugly hard line. This enhances height and fullness, and if it’s done well, in harmony with skin, hair and eye colour with a neutral tone, the effects are far more subtle and less full-on than fille.

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By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has 13 years industry experience.
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