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Our Rejuvenation Packages

At Amara Dublin we want to offer our loyal customers the best value for their money! We’ve combined our most popular treatments in a simple and easily customisable package.

Amara Signature Facial Aesthetic Packages – The Liquid Facelift

At Amara, our facial aesthetic packages offer the best value. Often referred to as “The Liquid Facelift”, these are a great way of addressing multiple concerns at once. Combining anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler, your doctor will advise which facial aesthetic package is most suitable for you.

Signature Soften Package

The Soften Package is for patients who are starting to become concerned with some aspects of their appearance. This is the ‘lightest’ of our anti-wrinkle and dermal filler packages and serves to soften features that are causing visible signs of ageing. For patients with more volume loss, or deeper lines the Amara Signature Lift Package may be more suited to you.



Signature Lift


The Lift Package is for patients who require a definitive lift to achieve their desired result. The Lift package will typically involve treating the cheeks to restore volume to the area which creates a lift that softens other lines and areas of concern. Other areas such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines may also be treated with this package. Your results will be significant but subtle.



Signature Rejuvenation Package

The ‘Rejuvenation Package’ is for those looking for a complete full-face treatment or for those who require a lot of volume for their desired results. The rejuvenation package will address multiple concerns across the face, with different fillers products from a premium range used in different areas to achieve a subtle and natural result.



 Rather than focusing on the amount of product used, our packages are focused on results, because your result is what matters. Should your doctor think you require a small add-on to the package allowance, the extra product will be offered on the day at a reduced cost.

Anti-Wrinkle Packages

2 Areas

x    3

Now €950

3 Areas

x    3

Now €1200

Full Face

x    3

Now €1350

How much do I save with a rejuvenation package?

Including our already discounted treatment prices, the minimum saving is 10%! The more you add on the more you save!

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