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Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
4 Areas

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Under Arms

Brow Lift Treatments

Brow Lift
Anti Wrinkle Injection Prices Dublin - Amara Skincare Clinics

Anti wrinkle injections are muscle relaxing injections to weaken muscles temporarily. Treatments take 2 minutes to do, 2 weeks to work and last an average of 4 months.

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Prices Including VAT

HydraFacial MD Treatments

Glow HydraFacial MD Treatment (Express)
Boost HydraFacial MD Treatment

Add on LED Light or Lymphatic Drainage

1 Session

5 Sessions





Deluxe HydraFacial MD Treatment

Includes Both LED Lights & Lymphatic Drainage!

1 Session

5 Sessions

For more info please see Hydra Facial MD Page





Micro Needling Treatments

Single Session of Rejuvapen™
5 Sessions of Rejuvapen (includes After care Kit)

For more info please see Rejuvapen Page


Hydrafacial is a new treatment machine which combines the latest and greatest of microdermabrasion with skin hydrating technology. The 4 step process takes 45 minutes involving exfoliation, micro dermal abrasion, hydrating pump and led light technology. The process leaves skin feeling and looking instantly rejuvenated with no down time, perfect for before. Skin boosters from restylane cause hydration of the skin and subsequent rejuvenation by drawing moisture in to many tiny blebs of hydrophillic hyaluronic acid under the surface of the skin. This gives an overall rejuvenating effect with plumper younger looking skin with less fine lines and crepiness.

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Prices Including VAT

PRP Treatment / Vampire Facial

Single Session PRP Face
Double Session PRP Face
Triple Session PRP Face
PRP Treatment Price - Vampire Facial Dublin - Amara

PRP, aka the “vampire facial”, is a skin boosting treatment using your own blood growth factors to rejuvenate the face and or hair. 10 mls of blood is taken and then spun in a centrifuge at high speed in clinic. Local anaesthetic is applied to the face and then the prp is injected into the skin which helps remove dark circles and stimulate collagen which helps give younger looking skin. As made famous by Kim Kardashian and the Vampire therapy.

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Prices from €350

Dermal Fillers

Lip Enhancement
Tear Trough
Nasolabial Folds
Cheek Enhancement
Mental Crease (Chin Line)
Nose Reshaping
Frown Line Treatments
Lip Fillers Prices Dublin - Amara Skincare Clinic

Dermal fillers can be used to replace lost volume in areas of the face where we have lost it. Fillers need to be injected in precise locations and amounts to lift and correct various areas of the face.

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Prices Including VAT

Exilis Elite Skin Tightening & Contouring

4 Sessions of Full Face / Jaw Line / Neck Skin Tightening

Includes Phase 1 of ZO Skin Health Plan (Worth over €100)

4 Sessions of Double Chin Removal and Tightening Treatment


4 Sessions of Lower Face / Jawline  Only


4 Sessions is the minimum number required for results however up to 6 could be needed. At your consultation your dedicated therapist will go over the best treatment plan for you.
Rejuvenation Packages Prices - Amara Skincare Dublin

Rejuvenation Packages

Our Liquid Facelift Package

2mls of Filler + 1 or 2 Areas of Botox for just



Add on an extra ml of Filler for just €350

Upgrade to a full face of Botox (Up to 10 areas) for only €150!

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Botox Deals - Finance Packages Available

Finance Packages Available

At Amara Aesthetics we offer financial packages to allow you to budget for your treatments. There are a range of different packages on offer and different ways of paying. Why not give us a call on +353 1 676 1074 and book to see us to find out more about our finance packages!