Lip injections – how to avoid looking ‘Done’

lip injections dublin

Lip injections Dublin

Lip injections can be done well, and unfortunately, they can also be done badly. First have a look at how I did Sarah’s lips – the results are very natural.

So how can some people get it so wrong when it comes to lip injections?


There are a few basic rules when it comes to lip injections. I don’t want to make this too detailed of a post, but if you have a look over on my UK site, you can see those rules broken down.

A basic summary of how to not mess up your lip injections is as follows:

  • Don’t use too much for your lip size (wide lips can ‘hold’ more filler than narrow lips)
  • Don’t put the filler in the wrong place (there are 10 different places you can inject filler in lips)
  • Don’t mess up natures proportions. The top lip should never be bigger than the bottom
  • Only use the best products and NEVER use permanent filler, its not worth the money you save. (As of 2014!)
  • Choose the right person to perform your lip injections – all of the above are simple mistakes to make without experience.

I have performed over 2,000 lip fillers Dublin treatments – below is a video of a treatment I did back in 2011, and I have been doing them for the past 6 years.  I think it is a fair question to ask your doctor or nurse how many treatments they have performed.

If you want to know more about lip filler price have a look at our prices page. Most people need only 1/2ml of filler and some people need a full ml.  I recommend Juvederm volbella for most people and for those who want a little more impact, juvederm volift is giving great results.

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