Pigmentation Treatments

There are several pigmentation treatments depending on severity and your desired results. Our experienced medical skincare team can help you choose the right pigmentation treatment for you.

The Pigmentation Problem

High surges in hormonal levels, certain skin types and ethnic backgrounds and overexposure to sun can lead to uneven skin tone and pigmentation in multiple areas of the face. People refer to these problem areas by many names, including age spots, liver spots, freckles, lentigos and lentigines. We are the number one place to go for treatment of Pigmentation Dublin.

Some pigmented areas can cause shadowing asymmetrically in one area as well as under eye pigmentation giving an impression of dark shadows under the eyes. Very strong pigment for the upper lip can heighten the appearance of hair on the upper lip. This can be contributed to by years of waxing and hair removal creams. The problem is generally caused by an over-activation of melanocytes in an area which are the cells that are responsible for producing the pigment in the skin known as melanin. When this happens unevenly this results in the problem.

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Ways Of Treating Pigmentation

There are several pigmentation treatments depending on severity and desired results. All techniques would begin with skin consultation with one of our medical aesthetic specialists, where your skin is fully assessed and treatment prescribed and a home care package.

Laser treatment with IPL can target the melanin in the skin and help destroy overactive melanocytes that cause hyper-pigmentation. Usually a course of 4 treatments 4 weeks apart can settle things down quite quickly.

Skin peels such as the 50% Lactic/kojak peel, glycolic and retinol 40% peel and Vitamin C peels can be a very effective pigmentation treatment for different forms of pigmentation.Some skin peels would be more suited to certain skin types than others, depending on whether the patient has any other skin issues going on such as Rosacea, blackheads or unbalanced skin.

Microneedling is a revolutionary new pigmentation treatment which causes disruption of skin and via skin regeneration, collagen induction and resurfacing effects, pigment can also be improved. This treatment is highly effective and safe and is a third option for treating pigment problems.

Finally treatments can be maintained by using an SPF 30+ UVA/UVB broad spectrum moisturiser and a good ongoing skincare regime. With a tailored home care plan, treatments can last longer and require less maintenance treatments.

Do Pigmentation Treatments Hurt?

Thanks to advances in anaesthesia and some of the options that our medical team can give you, treatments pain levels are much better than most people expect! For microneedling, most clients would consider pain 4-5/10 max. Don’t let the hilarity of Sex in the City and Samantha’s issues put you off skin peels. Lunchtime peels are very tolerable and popular!

How Long Do Ageing Treatments Take?

Treatments such as a laser treatment can take as little as 15 minutes to carry out. Some treatments can require a little more time, depending on treatment plan chosen for your skin type. Pigmentation treatment in Dublin is quick but can take 2 or three treatments for full results.

Possible Side Effects?

There is no down time for most people after a peel. 1% of people, particularly with sensitive skin can have mild inflammation for up to 48 hours. At Amara, we insist on a full consultation and thorough medical history before allowing anyone to proceed with any treatment.

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