1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas
4 Areas (Full Face)
Under arms
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
Palmar (hands)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
Plantar (feet)
€700 (€550 repeat patient)
€500 (€400 repeat patient)
Single treatment
€450 (€350 repeat patient)
Touch Filler Treatment
A gentle treatment for softening of small lines & wrinkles.
Soften Filler Treatment
A moderate treatment for the softening of medium depth lines & wrinkles.
Soften Plus Treatment
A more complete softening treatment that restores definition to deeper wrinkles.
Signature Lip Filler Treatment
A bespoke lip treatment, for volume increase, asymmetry & definition enhancement.
Lip Filler Touch
A touch up treatment for patients who have had lip filler treatment at Amara previously. Conditions apply around length of time between treatments - doctors discretion is final.
Cheek Filler Touch
A subtle treatment for early volume loss & softening
Cheek Filler Lift
A moderate treatment for volume replacement & contouring.
Cheek Filler Rejuvenate
A more comprehensive treatment for significant volume loss and restoration
Tear Trough Rejuvenation Treatment
A specialized treatment for the bags under eyes.
Tear Trough Touch Treatment
A touch up or add on treatment performed within a certain time frame after your intial treatment. This is at the discretion of the doctor.
Signature Nose Filler Treatment
A bespoke treatment for nose corrections.
A bespoke treatment for your chin
Hydrafacial Signature
€120 (not available to first time patients)
Hydrafacial Accelerate
All new clients receive an Accelerate treatment which includes LED therapy or lymphatic drainage
Hydrafacial Dermalux
The elite Hydrafacial protocol which includes powerful tri-light therapy with the Dermalux Flex to stimulate your skin cells and enhance your results.
Hydrafacial Accelerate x5
Hydrafacial Dermalux x5
Single Session
Course x5
4 Sessions of Full Face / Jaw Line / Neck Skin Tightening
Includes a ZO Skin Health Daily Pack
4 Sessions of Double Chin Removal and Tightening Treatment
4 Sessions of Lower Face / Jawline Only
From €600
There is no knowing how much CoolSculpting you will need to achieve your transformational goals. Discounts are offered depending on needs.

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