Results of The Irish Aesthetic and Medical Survey 2016 + Infographic

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Trends in Ireland Survey Results - Amara

Results of The Irish Aesthetic and Medical Survey 2016 + Infographic

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to take our survey focused on Cosmetic and Aesthetic trends in Ireland, trying to find just what people thought and felt about the Aesthetic industry in Ireland. Check out the survey results and the infographic below (click to view larger version) to find out what you thought!
Infographic Cosmetic and Aesthetic Trends in Ireland - Amara

Aesthetic and Medical Survey 2016 – Who Did It?

65 people in total completed the Survey:

  • 62 of theses identified as female while only 3 identified as male.
  • The Average Age was 39, however we had an age range of 21 – 65
Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Out of our 65 participants:
52% answered yes while only 48% said they had never had Aesthetic Treatment!

By Aesthetic Treatment we explained that we meant non-surgical treatments such as: Botox, anti wrinkle injections, lip fillers, dermal fillers, liquid facelift, glabella injections, brow lift and PRP.
Of those who had never had a cosmetic treatment:

27% said they were not interested in having any treatment while lip filler and Botox were the most sought after procedures with 18% each.



Lip Filler18%
Brow Lift12%
Liquid Face Lift10%
Dermal Filler6%

Those who said other sought after either dark circle correction or were open to almost any treatment.

Who’s Having Aesthetic Treatments in Ireland?

The majority of people who took part in our survey have had some type of Non Surgical Aesthetic Treatment!

The average age for the first time getting a non-surgical treatment was 35 however, this age ranged from 18 to 65!

The most popular treatment for people’s first time was by far Botox/Anti Wrinkle Injection:

1st Time Treatment


Botox / Anti Wrinkle Injections66%
Dermal Filler18%
Liquid Facelift5%
Lip Filler5%
Other Option3%

When asked what treatments they were most interested in getting or repeating, Botox again topped the list:



Botox / Anti Wrinkle Injections38%
Dermal Filler24%
Lip Filler14%
Brow Lift8%
Liquid Facelift7%
Other Option4%

Celebrity Influence on Skincare Treatments Ireland

Celebrities, Cosmetic Treatments and Social Media

We asked all of our respondents would they be influenced by a celebrity in getting a cosmetic or aesthetic treatment done:

“83% said no while only 17% said yes”

We then wanted to find out if they were more aware of treatments that had become popular with celebrities compared to those that hadn’t. When asked if they had heard of PRP treatment a whopping 82% said no, however when asked about the ‘Vampire Facial’ 72% said yes!

PRP Treatment is the correct name for the ‘Vampire facial’ that has been made famous by celebrities, perhaps we are more influenced by celebrities than we thought.

Do you know someone who had or regularly has aesthetic treatments?

  1. Yes- 66%
  2. No – 25%
  3. Don’t know- 9%

Skin Care Regime

We then wanted to find out how much people spend on the average skin care as well as how they buy it:

What is your average monthly spend on Skin Care?

Spend Range


€0 – €5054%
€51 – €10022%
€101 – €15012%
€151 – €2006%
€201 – €2502%
€251- €3002%
€401 – €4502%
€501 – €5502%

Where do you buy your products?



Beauty Clinic/Salon25%
Other Option17%
Aesthetic Clinic12%

Other options that were popular were Supermarkets Health Stores and receiving them as gifts!

Lastly we wanted to see how many people had skin resurfacing treatments like micro needling and microdermabrasion;

Have you had either of these treatments?




Medical Microneedling16.07%83.93%

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Trends in Ireland - Amara Clinics Dublin

What Do The Irish Aesthetic and Medical Survey 2016 Results Show Us?

  • There is still a secrecy surrounding Aesthetic treatments however this shows that most treatments are not obvious.
  • Most people are still unwilling to to talk about about getting non surgical treatments such as Botox
  • The majority of people would be willing to have a non- surgical Aesthetic treatment
  • The average age for your first treatment is 35 but this looks set to decrease
  • Botox is still the number 1 treatment that people are getting or that they want
  • In the future lip fillers look set become the most popular first treatment.
  • People are more open to the idea of having non surgical procedures – this is similar to a recent study done in the US.
  • The majority of people still buy their skincare from a chemist. Chemists are only allowed to stock cosmetic products which have no effect on the skin.
  • We are influenced by celebrities in what treatments we are aware of which then likely lead to what treatments we may end up getting.
So, there you have it, the results of the Irish Aesthetic and Medical Survey for 2016. Thanks to Mummy Pages/ for sharing the survey originally but what do you think of the results of the survey? Does it reflect your feelings towards the aesthetic industry? Let us know in the comments section what you think and if you’d like to arrange a consultation then get in touch!

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