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Bruxism Essentials

Area Treated: Teeth Grinding - medically, bruxism
Assessment: Our doctor will discuss your concerns and the nature of your grinding
Treatment: Low dose anti-wrinkle injections into the muscles of the jaw
Time taken: Assessment 10mins, Treatment <5mins
Comfort: People rarely report this treatment as uncomfortable
Results Seen: Noticeable within 2-3 days, full onset and grinding reduction at 2-4 weeks
How long will it last?: Up to 3 months is typical
Cost: €350 including review appointment and top-up
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Teeth grinding is something we all do from time to time but excessive grinding of the teeth can be very damaging in the long run. People who excessively grind their teeth are at risk of permanent and costly damage to their teeth.

What is bruxism?

Medically, the term bruxism describes the condition where a person involuntarily and habitually grinds their teeth, especially in their sleep. It’s actually considered a sleep related movement disorder in most cases.

teeth grinding

What are the effects of bruxism?

The long term effects of teeth grinding from bruxism can include

  • Worn teeth to the point where expensive dental intervention is required
  • Cracked teeth which again requires dental intervention or may result in abscesses
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain and stiffness in the jaw

How do we treat bruxism?

By using muscle relaxing injections, the very same used in anti-wrinkle treatments, we can reduce the activity of the muscles that cause this grinding, and therefore reduce the amount of grinding you do. This will have a great impact on your dental health.

Small amounts of anti-wrinkle product are injected into the masseter muscles which cause the movements that lead to grinding. This low dose precision treatment is very effective and patients report a high degree of satisfaction with results.

How long will my result last?

Very small doses are used so longevity is reduced when compared with other treatments using muscle relaxing injections. Typically, 3 months can be expected but this is patient dependent.

At Amara we only use the highest quality products which is why we use Allergan's anti-wrinkle product and not a cheaper biosimilar (generic) product. It is FDA approved and the most studied of its kind which means we can stand by its clinical profile.

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