How To Get Rid of Smokers Lines

How To Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines

So one very frequent question I am asked in my clinic, is 'can you get rid of this tiny line on my top lip'. My usual response is 'what line?'. Strangely, lines on the top lip, sometimes known as smoker's lines, are much more obvious...

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How Long Does It Take For Botox To Work Amara

How Long Does It Take for Botox to Work?

At Amara, we care a great deal about informing our clients on how to use Botox safely and effectively. This assures that you maintain a completely natural look while the anti wrinkle injections work their magic.There are many different botulinum toxin products on the market,...

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Botox What If I Stop - Amara Botox Clinics

Botox – What Happens If I Stop?

Botox: What Happens if I Stop?The most commonly-asked question I hear about anti-wrinkle injections is, "What will happen if I decide to stop getting Botox injections?" Patients worry about their skin losing structural support, or the lines coming back stronger than they were before....

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lip injections dublin

Lip injections – how to avoid looking ‘Done’

Lip injections Dublin Lip injections can be done well, and unfortunately, they can also be done badly. First have a look at how I did Sarah's lips - the results are very natural. So how can some people get it so wrong when it comes to lip...

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liquid facelift dublin

Facelift – Liquid Facelift demonstration, Cheek fillers video.

Facelift - Liquid facelift dublin - Cheek filler demo. Why should you consider having a liquid facelift?Paula came for a treatment recently and kindly allowed us to film the procedure. She had 2mls of Voluma (my favourite cheek filler). She also had anti wrinkle injections in...

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Hyperhidrosis Treatments Dublin - Botox for Urderarm Sweating - Amara

Excessive Sweat Treatments

Excessive Sweat Treatments  Excessive Sweat Treatments under the arms otherwise known as Axilliary hyperhidrosis can be a big problem for some men and women. This can cause embarassment, limit clothing choices and contribute to body odour.Our excessive sweat treatments is a quick treatment for axilliary hyperhidrosis...

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Amara Skincare Clinics Dublin

Anti Wrinkle Clinic Dublin 2

Anti Wrinkle Clinic Dublin 2 [caption id="attachment_1421" align="alignnone" width="300"] Anti Wrinkle clinic Dublin 2 Amara aesthetics[/caption]Anti Wrinkle clinics in Dublin 2 are numerous, but Amara is the most popular. There are several clinics in Dublin 2, some offering quite low prices.  All Anti Wrinkle clinics should...

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under eye lines

Lines around eyes

Lines around eyes There are a few different types of lines around the eyes.   I like to divide them into 4 different lines: around eyes 1: Crows feet: crows feet - These look like 3(or more) little crows toes. They are caused by using the muscles...

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